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Professional Commercial Laundry Services

Commercial Accounts - Who We Love To Serve

Are you a property manager, small business owner or business manager seeking help with your company's laundry needs? Let us know how we can help. Our pick up and delivery commercial laundry service is used by locals just like you: rental property managers, physical therapy, massage therapy, hair salon, facilities maintenance, car dealership, automotive detailing, restaurants, small business medical, dental.

How We Process

Every commercial laundry job is its own job. Unlike other cleaners, we never mix your laundry with another client's job.

We have a 10-step check point process to make sure every thing you give us is returned back to you.

We perform a visual and physical inspection of each washer and dryer before and after each use.

For accounts that require spot checking prior to wash, we use chemicals to remove make-up, food stains and bodily fluids. We also "yellow flag" stubborn stains, which could not be removed, so that a decision can be made to keep the garment/linen in rotation or not.

We are able to customize detergents to your specific needs. Examples of this are: fragrant detergent, fragrant-free detergent, degreasing agents, liquid softener for the wash, bleach, dryer sheets. A combination of, or removal of such chemicals can be customized for your account.

Special Folding

If you require special folding of towels, please let us know. We will gladly accommodate you.

Linen Ironing Service

Yes! We do offer linen ironing service to our clients with rental properties. We also bundle sheet sets together to make it easier for your cleaners to get the beds dressed and ready for your next guest.

Site Inspection

A site inspection allows for the opportunity to meet with you, to survey the items that need laundering and better understand the logistics of your facility related to pick up/drop off location, security and protection of items and accessibility. A Site Inspection is required for all new commercial laundry accounts prior to start of the first pick up laundry service.

Agreement Document

For business accounts, before we begin your pick up and delivery laundry service, we do require an agreement in writing between The Laundry Fairy, LLC and your company/business. It's nothing too crazy, but it's more than a hand shake. Simply put, it's to manage the expectations of everyone involved.


Payment options happen one of two ways depending on the volume of laundry and frequency of pick up and delivery service:

  1. We keep a credit card on file and collect payment as the service is provided.
  2. We will invoice at the end of each month


If you have more questions about our pick up and delivery laundry service, give us a call so we can answer any questions you may have 808-330-6060